• Moarah

    Your product in Brazil, one of the largest consumer markets in the world!

  • Moarah

    Your product in Brazil, one of the largest consumer markets in the world!

  • Moarah

    Your product in Brazil, one of the largest consumer markets in the world!

Count on a consulting company specialized in the approval and post-market monitoring of products regulated by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa, the agency initials in Portuguese) and broaden the business capacity of your small, medium and/or large company, in an agilesafe and sustainable way, in the following segments:





We offer innovative and efficient solutions, aligned with your strategy, to help in the regularization of your products, so that they are ready for a successful commercialization in the Brazilian territory.

What we can do for your company

A team of specialists from different segments with experience in the regulated sectors will be at your disposal and count on a wide range of services according to your company’s needs.

In Brazil, companies that operate in sectors regulated by Anvisa must obtain licenses and permit from the Health Authorities and, exceptionally, by Certifying Bodies.

We advise in your project development to enter the Brazilian market, in obtaining licenses and permits, and in the regulatory compliance with Brazilian regulation.

We enable your product’s quick entry in the market while you evaluate the best business model for your operation in Brazil. This will optimize your expenses and allow you to focus on development of your commercial portfolio.

The sale of some products depends on the Anvisa’s approval, which analyzes whether formulation, manufacturing parameters and other aspects of the product are suitable with the current standards.

You can count on our specialized advice in the processes’ evaluation and submission seeking the regulatory approval of products.

If you are not sure as to whether your company is in compliance with the rules set forth by the Brazilian law, we can help you prepare for an inspection.

Our team makes a technical visit to the place where your products are manufactured or stored and, thereafter, makes a careful analysis of the quality system, as well as their compliance with the Brazilian regulations.

We send a report with all points of non-compliance and recommendations for improvements, so that it is possible to think together on the best way to make the necessary corrections.

Inspection follow-up

Before starting your business in the Brazilian territory, Anvisa needs to inspect your operation

Our team of specialists monitors the entire process, minimizing the risk of refusal to obtain licenses, authorizations and certifications.

What about post-market?

You can also count on us to keep up with the history and post-market changes of your products after approval and registration.

After having the entire process approved by Anvisa, you can count on our advice to monitor your product in Brazil and, in case of any problem, our team of specialists will be ready to solve it.

Our Culture


Assist foreign companies to enter the Brazilian market, offering regulatory services in compliance with the highest quality and reliability and with appropriate costs to their business.


Stand out and be the most efficient company in regulatory affairs in Brazil, offering the best services in the market.


Commitment, reliability, ethics and transparency.


Talk to our team of experts and get to know more about the solutions that Moarah has prepared for your business.
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Cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products are natural or synthetic preparations with the aim of beautifying or cleaning the external parts of the body.
Materials, equipment or IVD used to support health to diagnose, prevent or treat diseases and comorbidities.
Products that go through some technological or industrial process before being exposed for sale. They can be functional foods, infant formulas, enteral nutrition, supplements and other.
Products designed to sanitize, disinfect or deinfest home, collective or public environments, can be used by health professionals or the population in general.